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Spring 2023

Tristan Lyle presents his work at the ASU/BNI Graduate Research Symposium.

The lab welcomes new undergraduate research assistants: David Lukacik and Carlos Quintero!

Fall 2022

Over winter break Akshita Vora came to visit! Best of luck on your journey in veterinary school!

The first Society for Neuroscience poster from the lab!! (Left-Tristan Lyle and Jess Verpeut, Right-Tristan, Jess, and Olivia Law)

Tristan Lyle receives the ASU Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Travel Grant to attend SFN 2022!

Megan Nelson is selected as a SOLUR scholar! Megan presented her project ideas at the BioSci Southwest Symposium.

The lab presents the first data studying cognitive aging at the Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium Conference by Tristan Lyle, Vincent Truong, and Samantha Bowser.

(Left to right: Sam Bowser, Megan Nelson, Olivia Law, Vincent Truong, Tristan Lyle)

Tristan participates in the 2022 Arizona Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Junior Fellows workshop teaching high school students about the brain and microscopy.

The lab welcomes Olivia Law to the lab and BNCP graduate program!

The lab welcomes undergraduate research assistants: Daniel Chambers, Jaime Farrington, and Nazareth Salgado!

Summer 2022

Congratulations to Megan Nelson for her acceptance into the SOLUR scholar program!

The lab welcomes Samantha Bowser as the lab’s new Lab Manager!

Spring 2022

The lab receives funding from the Institute of Social Science Research!

Celebration of excellence: Marina Ittner receives Ernest Lindholm Award for Outstanding Student in Biopsychology! Megan Nelson receives Student of the Year – Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior Award!

Lab participates in neuroscience outreach event.

Megan Nelson presents a research poster, “Understanding the Role of Machine-Learning Algorithms in Classifying Animal Behavior,” at AZPURC.

Marina Ittner and Katherine Koch successfully defend thesis prospectus.

Akshita Vora is accepted into The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine!

The lab welcomes new undergraduate research assistants: Lori Abbas, Vincent Truong, and Esmé Crawford-Paz Soldán

Fall 2021

The lab welcomes our new lab manager, Akshita Vora!

Tristan presents a poster, “Developmental contribution of dentate nuclei in flexible cognitive behavior,” at the Society for Neuroscience virtual conference.

Big welcome to our first graduate student, Tristan Lyle!

The lab welcomes new undergraduate research assistants: Andrea Trinh, Summer Ahmed, Katherine Koch, Neelsha Parekh

Spring 2021

Dr. Verpeut presents at AZPURC.

First undergraduate research assistants join the lab: Marina Ittner, Sarah Shipley, Megan Nelson

ASU publishes article on the lab:

Lab opens and our first lab manager, Jorge Espinoza joins the lab!

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